How To Succeed in Hollywood



By Bruce Edwin

How do you handle a phone interview and in person interview with an agent or manager?

If a producer, agent, manager, casting director, or anyone else who can do anything for you in this business wants to give you their time, take the offer, and take it in person if possible. If you can't get their time in person, take it on the phone. If you can't get their time on the phone, take it online.

Be prepared to give as much time to the meeting as they are willing to give you. Any one that can get you work or make you a star, and is willing to give you their time free to give you advice and mentor or coach you, you should take it. If you act impatient, in a hurry, or complain about meetings or how you have a limited amount of time or have to be somewhere, don’t expect them to go out of their way to do anything for you. If someone in a position of power is willing to invest their time in you, then you should do the same. All that time you secretly think is a waste of breath, can end up translating in to them trusting you enough to give you work or a deal worth thousands or more.

Always show up to any meeting looking the part you want. Models and actresses should generally always dress upscale sexy. Male actors should wear dress pants and a button down shirt to meetings or auditions, unless a part calls for otherwise. Bands should be clean but dress their look and image. Don’t show up anywhere wasted. Groom yourself properly. Females, if you want to be a model or actress, do not bulk up with too much weight or muscle.

That does not mean that you should not work out and not eat. By all means, you should exercise, and be healthy. Do not starve yourself, and always eat three nutritious meals a day. I have a list of models that I have told that they needed to gain weight, or not signed as a result of an eating disorder, and that issue should be a big concern of decision makers in Hollywood and the fashion industry, that women stay healthy and do not starve themselves.

If need be, keep yourself waxed where needed, such as your arms. Guys, unless you are a body builder with a killer look, wear collared t-shirts under a dress shirt. Male models, you need to hit the gym regularly. If you have pets, lose the dog or cat hair off the clothes before you leave home. No one wants animal hair stuck on their furniture or such after seeing you, plus it looks tacky.


If you smoke, quit. Not only will it most likely ruin your lungs and ultimately your life, it could even ruin your chances of getting a job in the entertainment industry. That's right, I know some agents and casting directors who will not even hire people if they smell smoke on them. Face it, smoking is a horrible, nasty habit. It makes your clothes stink, breath stink, and it lingers on the skin. And, it will make you age faster and wear out your skin quicker. Smoking isn't cool, it's stupid. It can eventually kill yourself and those around you, and, it is a sign of weakness. It is a sign of a weak will, of a person who cannot handle life or stress, and who cannot break a bad habit.

So, make a plan if you do, to stop smoking. No one will not like you because you don't smoke, but you can be sure, that there will be at least some one that could hire you for a job acting or modeling, that will not like you or not want to work with you if you do smoke. If you smoke, chances are you usually end up around non-smokers stinking like cigarettes. Yes, it stinks, literally. And chances are, that job you so badly wanted, when they do smell the stinky smoke on you, will go to, guess who? You guessed it, a nice, clean, non-smoker.

As a former pack a day smoker as a teenager for years, I know how it is, and how hard it is to quit, but it can be done. So if you are a smoker and want to quit and need help, and you want free advice that really works that you can do on your own completely for free, call me and I will tell you. Until you quit smoking if you do, shower afterwards and brush your teeth and use mouthwash before any meetings.

What's the major attitude problem you encounter with people in Hollywood?

The biggest attitude problem is just that- having a major attitude, as in, a bad one or an egotistical one. One needs to be accommodating, agreeable, and polite in this business, because being a little brat will not induce one to do things for you, especially when they have a dozen other people banging at the door ready to take your place.

Most people I have found are negative toward or about other people for one of four main reasons; (1), either they think they are better than others, (2), they think they are less than others and so are angry and try compensate, (3), they are angry at someone or something and take it out on others, or (4), someone or something is in their life making them miserable and feel badly.

Whatever the case for a bad attitude if you have one, figure it out, and correct it, because if you don’t, you will do more harm to yourself in this business than if you did nothing. It would actually be better to sit in a corner and do absolutely nothing, then to do the wrong things, and tick off the wrong people in this town. So before you do anything, learn to do the right thing, which entails starting with treating people right. And until you feel right and good about yourself (which unfortunately most actors and models do not), you will not treat others right and will not be the success you want to be.

I hope this was helpful to you. Check out the next issue here,in which I discuss further information on how to interview, how to book a tour, and much more. Be sure to check out the back issues here in our archives section to see other issues of this article. As always, you can call my office or write me via the front page of this site for free advice.

-Bruce Edwin

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