By Elena Talan

Electric Daisy Carnival is the biggest party in town, maybe the biggest party on the whole West Coast. When I discovered it last year, the first question I asked myself was, why didn't I know about it before? Was it hidden from general public? It's huge, it's awesome, it's spectacular, the music is great, and the light installations are mind-blowing. They feature the best DJs in the world. Any respectable DJ who plays electronic dance music would love more than anything to perform at the EDC where a good time is definitely guaranteed. I couldn't wait for this year's party!

The atmosphere here was incredible. I heard there were 180,000 thousand people in the sum of 2 days. People were dancing right on the streets, and we felt that we belonged there. It doesn't matter what age you are or what your social status is—the music and the dance vibe unite everybody. There are a lot of teenagers at this kind of party, but if you want a more mature crowd, you can always go to the VIP area, which is a little more expensive. You will feel treated like a VIP with free drinks, access to backstage areas, cozy lounges and more room to dance. If you want to feel the crowd and be a part of the collective energy, you can always go in the middle of the field and rub elbows with fellow ravers. The main stage, which is the entire Olympic stadium, can fit tens of thousands of people, and it feels truly amazing to observe a sea of people dancing on the stands beneath the lights.

And how fun the carousels and the carnival rides are! It made all the difference in the world to be on the rides with like-minded people and get swept away by the music and lights around you. I haven't felt that joyous since childhood when swings were still fun! And what about all the performances: exotic fire dancers, circus stilt walkers, and creatures from another world?! It stimulates your fantasy and creativity. I am very inspired now to do something creatively wild and maybe make a crazy costume for myself for the next year! Overall, I think EDC is a great way to celebrate summer and dance your butt off, and get energized for the whole year, or if that seems too long, at least till the end of the summer!


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