Starpower Management Brings Out the Models & Millionaires



Starpower Management celebrated Halloween this year with its VIP Models and Millionaires ® party-Mulholland Drive Live! - held at a private mansion. Located high in the Hollywood Hills up the winding Mulholland Drive, which director David Lynch made a noirish film about, the party began with valet girls parking guests' cars, who pulled up in their Mercedes, BMW's, Hummers, and more.

Starpower Management CEO and producer Bruce Edwin greeted guests, which included famed celebrity publicist Michael Levine, Sabrina The Teenage Witch creator Barney Cohen and actress and singer Calista Carradine (David Carradine's daughter), former Scorpions bass guitarist Ralph Rieckermann (with a girl on each arm and one in tow), multi-millionaire Shawn Anthony (who had a Russian model ask him to marry her which he declined), actors Mel Novak, Tom Tangen, Hollywood's craziest publicist Charmaine Blake, rap artist Kimeyo who arrived in a limo, some of Hollywood's hottest models, and many more.

The evening featured singer and songwriter Moira Cue taking center stage, performing her new song, "Make You Happy,” with Mark Woolley on guitar. Dressed in silver heels, a pink leotard, and geisha make up covered with a feather mask, Moira Cue was a sight to behold. She and Mark Woolley kept the 50 VIP guests silent and entertained, ending in massive applause. Former Michael Jackson publicist Michael Levine stated of Moira Cue's performance, "She's really quite good. She's really got something!"

With a full open bar, endless food and desserts, and nonstop 80's music, the night was a magical one, with celebs, models and some of L.A's wealthy elite dressed in Halloween costume, networking and socializing, with many deals and business partnerships created. Turning down many vying to get on the guest list at the last hour, Starpower Management had many asking if their Models and Millionaires® event would be repeated again next year. Bruce Edwin states, "I thought about that question for about 10 seconds, and that answer is, Absolutely! It was too great of a success and too much fun not to! Next year will be bigger, and better!"

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