I read the other day of a practical exercise, that is designed to help prioritize one's goals in life, and to help ensure that one is on the right path in their life. I had read of this exercise before, but it had been some time, and I quite liked it, and found it uselful, so I would like to share it here with you. Imagine that you in 6 months, your life will be over. The world will keep on turning, life will keep on going on, but without you in it. Imagine you will live in absolute perfect health and vitality, but on the last day of the sixth month, you will be no more. Now, if you knew that information to be true, what would you do differently now, today, and over the course of those next six months? Make a list and write all of the top 10 or 20 things down. What things are on that list that you are not doing now? Why are you not doing them? Write down the reasons why you are not doing any of them now, and what it would take for you to do them. Now, set goals in order to do these things, and achieve them.

After spending years studying some of the most successful people in the world, from books, cd's, lectures, phone calls, and in person discussions, I found out that all of them did one simple thing that they considered the most important of all in their behavior to reach the top. They wrote things down. They wrote daily goals, which led to weekly, monthly, annual, and life goals, and worked on them day by day, hour by hour, until they were achieved. Write down your goals, and act on them. It seems simple and obvious, but many do not do this, and it is a key to success in any area in life. Memory is not enough, your goals must be written down, and re-written, to become imbedded in your unconscious mind.

The second thing is the attitude. When you not just believe, but know, beyond all doubt, that you will achieve something, and there is no room in your mind for disbelief about it, then your mind starts to create things in order for it to happen. Belief and faith that you will succeed in crucial to making it, whatever 'it' for you is. A part of having this great attitude of success, and being positive, is surrounding yourself with like minded successful people. A good idea is to surround your self with people not at your level, but with people who are more successful than you are, who are at a level you want to achieve. Like attracts like, and if you surround your self with failures, fools, or flakes, you will most likeley end up becoming one your self.

The third thing I would like to suggest to you is to work towards your goals as if this is the only life in this body, on Earth you get, and this is your only chance at this moment to make it happen. And guess what? As far as we know, It is. Act as if now is what counts, now it must happen, and now you must do it and give it your all, with every fiber of being. Never give up, never let failure be an obstacle, and push harder and harder until you make it happen. Imagine your goal as chipping away at a brick wall with an ice pick. Are you going to break through the first time? No. The first 100 times? Perhaps not. But with each attempt, you are getting closer and closer. Take rejection or a no or a failure, not as a failure, but as a positive move towards closer reaching for and breaking through to your goal. With every try you are getting closer and closer. Never give up.

The amazing people you see featured here in this issue undoubtedly have these atributes. And they keep having them. Success is a constant effort. For their success and artistry, against all odds, we salute them. We celebrate here again the Academy Award nominees. Don't miss the Oscar's televised this Sunday! We also continue our tribute to art, with art critic Moira Cue, and add here this week our new poetry section. If you have comments or questions for us, we invite you to call us at 310-226-7176 in Los Angeles. We hope you enjoy the issue, until next week, to success!

Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ©

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