With honorary board members including Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Nicky Hilton, Alyssa Milano, Lisa Kudrow, and Courtney Cox-Arquette among more, The Life Through Art Foundation not only helps raise money for a great cause, to help underserved children get an education and training in the arts throughout Los Angeles, but it also knows how to throw one great party.

The annual Red Party, which was attended by stars galore, was held at the magnificant Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, which is a secret treasure unto itself, hidden among the corporate rows of buildings along the strip of Wilshire's vast Miracle Mile. Upon entering the back entrance of the museum, with ushers whisking VIP's up and through the museums many levels, stairs, and escelators, passing table after table of check in's, we arrived at a large tent filled with beautiful patrons of the arts, stars, child prodigy's and their parents, endless free food and wine, and some truly first rate entertainment.

I spent some time seated with T.V. star DORIS ROBERTS. Ms. Roberts, who has been a working professional actor since 1960, and has starred in a massive 200 plus episodes of the hit show Everybody Loves Raymond, has two feature films coming out she stars in later this year. Doris Roberts, her friends and I take in the entertainment.

DORIS ROBERTS: Wow! Look at that! (She points over my head. I look over my shoulder and up in the air above us are two spandex bikini clad young women, doing the splits, in mid air, spinning from a rope, and dangling high up from the ceiling, with not even a net beneath them.

THE HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL (Bruce Edwin): Wow! (Doris, her friends and I proceed to watch the acrobat show, which turns quite sexy very quickly. Doris seems to enjoy it as much as I do, with the girls doing flips and acrobatic tricks high above. Between the performances, I ask Doris what she is working on). Are you looking to do film now Doris, or just T.V.?

DORIS ROBERTS: Yes! Definitely film! That is exactly what I want to do. No more T.V. I mean, T.V. has been very good to me, but I want a break from that now. I really want to do more film. In fact, I have two coming out later this year

BRUCE EDWIN: That's great! I would love to hear about them.

DORIS ROBERTS: Well, I can tell you, the names of them are 'They Came from Upstairs,' and 'Another Harvest Moon.' I am very pleased about them.

BRUCE EDWIN: That's great! Congratulations on that. What other type of films are you intending to do?

DORIS ROBERTS: Anything good, but I would like to do some drama. I've done comedy a lot. Drama would be nice. But any thing if the story is good. (A kid comes up to Ms. Roberts who had performed earlier, and gives her one of his CD's).

DORIS ROBERTS: Thank you. Thank you very much. You were very good. You are very talented. I will listen to this. You should give Bruce here one too. He might be able to help you, he's a manager.

BRUCE EDWIN: Thank you. I will listen to this. Thank you Doris.

I left feeling like Doris Roberts was a long lost friend. Not only does she not have any overblown ego, she reaches out to bring people together, and to help. Her friendliness and warmth is a testament to the success that has followed her throughout her incredible journey as a great actor in Hollywood. She is one class act.

We both again later glance up at the girls swinging over our heads.One of the acrobats doing the splits hanging from her toes drops a few feet and pounds the air in a free fall, centimeters away from the other girl doing the splits facing her in the opposite direction, as if wild lovers defying gravity in mid air. I glance back at Doris. She nods with a tough sign of appoval, taking a small sip of her red wine. Now THAT is one cool lady.

The Life Through Art Foundation is a rare organization that helps provide educational opportunities for young student and artists who would otherwise not be able to finance such endeavors. The foundation supports students pursuing various forms of education in most all areas of the arts. To donate, mail check to The Life Through Art Foundation, 118 S. Cordova St., 3rd Floor, Burbank, CA, 91505.

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