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The Healing Tones of Sound Through Native American Tradition

A new leader of the rapidly growing ranks of female abstract artists in Southern California, the award winning fine artist Guadulesa has become known for abstract or loosely figurative works of art, which reflect spontaneity, strong rhythm, texture, and color blends. The visual artist is a Boston native and former resident of the Piano Factory. After studying, she began her art career in Los Angeles, California, where she began to exhibit her work and painted sets for the theatre, television and the film industry. Exhibitions at Ligoa Duncan Gallery in New York City led to her work being sent to Paris in 1981, where she won the prestigious Le Prix de Peinture du Centenaire de Raymond Duncan at L'Academie des Duncan.

Guadulesa's work is also included in the Massachusetts collections of the Black Indian Inn, the Harriet Tubman Gallery, and The Cambridge Lawyers Guild. Further of her works are also be found in private collections throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and St. Croix, as well as Israel and Spain. From 1986 through 2003, Guadulesa was an active member of the arts community in Boston, where she headed arts programming at United South End Settlements. In 1991, she received a Drylongso Award from Community Change, Inc., and in 1992, Guadulesa was the recipient of an Individual Project Grant by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. She was appointed to the Boston Cultural Council by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and served in that capacity for six years.

An exclusive interview With Guadulesa Rivera by The Hollywood Sentinel follows here below, and watch here below to hear an exclusive audio interview with the artist discussing her new work:

The Hollywood Sentinel: Please tell us about your Matrix 5 project. What is it?

Guadulesa Rivera: The Matrix 5 project is an exploration of the greater, innate power of vibration and resonance. In this case, I created a series of paintings, as part of a study and meditation with pure sine tones. I am now writing a book, based on my notes, entitled Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance.

The Hollywood Sentinel: That's interesting. How can sound heal the mind or body?

Guadulesa Rivera: If we were to use equipment, which allows us to listen to the internal workings of the body, we would become aware of the 'sounds' of a healthy body in operation, compared to an unhealthy body. Cardiologists use stethoscopes to listen to the condition of the heart. A musician would be able to codify that sound by recognizing pitch and tone. All matter vibrates at particular intervals of tone. Our organ systems resonate with particular tones. There is a contemporary body of work being created by doctors, who have had success treating mental and emotional ailments with musical tones. I believe that a healer who has a knowledge of tones would be able to bring the organs back to optimum pitch. When we speak of healing the liver, for instance, we articulate that as 'toning' the liver.


The Hollywood Sentinel: Fascinating! Where can we read about the Cherokee using sound or art to heal?

Guadulesa Rivera: I refer to a book written by Dhyani Ywahoo, Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire, published by Shambhala in 1987.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Great. What healing have you had through this process?

Guadulesa Rivera: While I was recovering from a serious illness recently, I referred to Dhyani's book to bring me back to a balanced emotional and mental state. This transformation put me in a better position to allow the healing of my body. Unfortunately, I did not have access to the tones I used during the artistic project. However, I read, took notes, and remembered that my life is much more that the temporal matters that were stressing me out. I did listen to music that had a beneficial effect on me, but I cannot explain that scientifically. If I were a musician, I would recognize the tonal keys that helped me.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Wow. That's interesting, and I'm glad you are well now. Do you believe in the 'law of attraction' philosophy and is this similar to that?

Guadulesa Rivera: I used the 'law of attraction' by affirming that I was healed—believing that I was healed and allowing my body to manifest that healing. However, the law of metaphysics —vibration—is universal. I discovered that all matter responds to sound—holds the vibration, resonates with it, and emits it. The body responds even when the intellect does not not understand it.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Excellent. Does this Matrix work require a belief in spirits?

Guadulesa Rivera: No. There is a difference between 'spirits' and spiritual awareness. I believe in the various sheaths of the being. I do believe in a spiritual force which manifests in a progressively solid manner. However, on the subject of healing, I believe that someone, who believes in the ability to heal, may heal faster than someone who does not believe. Even if they take the same medications. The power of the mind is quite influential.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Exactly. Does this work work deal with any spiritual forces directly, and and if so how?

Guadulesa Rivera: We are born with the ability to heal ourselves. We simply forget. We may lean on spiritual forces to aid us, because we forget how powerful we are. I truly believe in prayer. I acknowledge gratitude for my life and the knowledge that has been given me. I have recognized spiritual forces in many aspects of my life. I would be ungrateful not to bear witness to the Spirit.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Excellent. What is the goal of Native American Cherokee as a people?

Guadulesa Rivera: As a people, we believe in a positive path—one that acknowledges the beauty all around us. We strive to encourage the good in all, not just for ourselves, but for all life on the planet.

The Hollywood Sentinel: That's great. Are there any other books or similar to this have influenced your study and writing of this topic of the Matrix 5?

Guadulesa Rivera: I read about the experiments of Max Chladni in 19th century Germany. He worked with a group who would direct positive or negative sounds toward a drum skin, which was covered with sand or paste. Positive sounds would result in fern-like or other organic shapes in the paste or geometric shapes in sand. Negative sounds, such as shouts, or bad intentions, for example, resulted in chaotic forms in both paste and sand. Negativity produced an influence that had no order. In the 20th century, Roy E. Ernst, at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, led a joint research study with a medical school on the development of new networks in the brain, as a result of musical activity. Throughout the 20th Century, Dane Rudhyar studied sound and music, and wrote books including Dissonant Harmony (1928), Rebirth of Hindu Music (1928), The New Sense of Sound (1930), and culminating with The Magic of Tones and the Art of Music in 1982.


The Hollywood Sentinel: Wow, that's great! This is very interesting! What can those who buy your book expect to discover?

Guadulesa Rivera: I sense they will discover respect for their sound environment. They will pay greater attention to their surroundings and manipulate their space to be more supportive to their well-being.

The Hollywood Sentinel: That sounds great Guadulesa. This is really an intriguing sounding project and I am truly interested in reading it. And, I think it's really great that you are offering this book to the public through your Kickstarter campaign, and with your rewards, I read that you will actually be coaching select 'backers' on how to do this work themselves.

Guadulesa Rivera: That's right.

The Hollywood Sentinel: Very cool! I look real forward to reading it and learning more. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Guadulesa Rivera: Thank you.

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