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1. Never pay for your child to be represented. Photo shoots are required and are something you may have to pay, but you should not have to pay for pictures for any kids under 13, as they grow so fast, that the pictures will be outdated too soon. For kids 13 to 17, do not spend more than around four hundred dollars on both printing and headshots and zed cards for modeling all combined if they do all.  You don’t need more than a dozen headshots or zed cards printed at a time. Most printing is not included in shoots, so be sure to find out. Make sure the company has a good reputation with the studios and casting, and gets people work before you sign with them.

2. Never sign an exclusive agreement with your child, and never give up more than 20 percent.

3. Avoid modeling schools, they are a waste of money and not necessary.  Avoid expensive industry seminars for modeling that include panels and so called runway shows which are also unnecessary, and avoid any school or workshop that promises auditions for pay. Legit auditions never require payment. 

4. Teach your kids to only give out YOUR cell phone number or email, NOT theirs, and NOT their social media contact. Make sure your number is un-listed. Strangers can locate your address with listed numbers and find where your child lives. Teach them to never reveal to strangers where they live or go to school, or where you and your family work or other personal information such as church, bank, where you shop, or other private information.

5. Teach your kids not to talk to strangers on the street unless you are there too.

6. Never leave your child unattended or out of  your site even for a second in the entertainment industry. Insist that you go with your child to any agency or management company interview, casting, audition, go see, acting class, or similar. If the people running the event don’t like it- too bad! They can deal with it, or your child will not attend. You have every right to be there. Do it. 

7. Never let your child go off to any overnight event unless they are with someone you know very, very well, trust with your child’s life, and have known for years, preferably who also has kids you know, and absolutely who will not let your kids out of their sight.

8. Never let your child be photographed, videotaped or filmed unless you are there observing. Do not allow your child to be photographed in anything inappropriate or in any manner that exploits or sexualizes them.  If any inappropriate filming or photographing happens against your consent when you are present that you forbid that is inappropriate, demand to have it deleted and erased or mention you will sue. Contact our office if you need help in this regard.

9. Instruct your child to never consume any food or drink that has been left unattended, and only eat or drink food that they and you know are clean and healthy, which you know where it comes from.  Never allow your child to consume alcohol or other drugs.

10. Teach your child to never follow anyone in public to any location, to never get in any one’s car except for you or your family, and to never approach any stranger asking for help without you present.

11. Teach your child to not be paranoid, but to be aware of the existence of hidden cameras which can be placed on the ends of canes, umbrellas, on hats, glasses, ink pens, and more.

12. Teach your child to cover their private parts as much as possible when using restrooms, baths or showers in places not at your home or family, or trusted hotel with you, in public type places. It is rare, but it has happened that there have been hidden cameras placed in public restrooms to secretly film people.

13. Teach your child that it is not appropriate to stick their tongues out or have their legs spread open in public, and to dress appropriate to their age and not wear clothing that is too revealing for their age. Make sure that your children wear underwear! Make sure that your children do not do anything focused primarily on their mouths that can be seen or taped. 

14. Be in good communication with your child and be willing to communicate with them about anything, without condemning them, so that they know you are a friend who they can trust and tell anything. The more your child feels that they can trust you, the safer you can help them be.

15. Teach your child to speak without swearing or being vulgar, and (when they are old enough to learn), teach them why being trashy (as are many music and some film stars) is NOT cool.

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