Courtesy of VH1 (from) Britney: For the Record

“Every body has a world they create around themselves… For me, dancing is therapy… It may be an emotion that you need to feel that you touch on when you dance, that you feel when you move in a certain way.”
Britney Spears

“I just remember I did not want to be at home… When I was in my car, and driving, I was going somewhere…”

“People believe what they read and they hear. And its not really even the truth…”

Madonna: (People need to realize and say) “Actually I have control over my life. Actually there is order to the universe… We are our environment. We are who we surround ourselves with…” “…Not every thing she did was even wrong. It was just growing up, but she didn’t get to do it (alone). She had the whole world watching her every move, and judging her…”

Britney: “I’ m angry with people talking advantage of me. And letting it go on for so long. But I have to move on with it, and let it go.”

“I choose to be a happy person. I tell my self I’m going to have a good day. And I’m going to be strong. That’s how I choose to be…”

Britney Spears, For the Record, is a powerful and entertaining film, highly worth seeing, about one truly fascinating artist.