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We enjoy hearing from you, our readers. It not only makes our day, but it’s also an easy way (if published) to get your name in print to over half a million viewers. So, what are you waiting for?

Hi Bruce,

I came across your page and really enjoyed reading your articles. Thank you for taking the time to give advice on "How to Succeed in Hollywood." I found the information to be honest and helpful. I am aspiring to get into acting. You mentioned the importance of having a great headshot and I was hoping you would give me some honest feedback on my headshot/resume. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments/request. I look forward to hearing from you.


Rain Lin

Glad to be of help Rain Lin. You can call our management office at 310-226-7176 for more free advice.

– Bruce Edwin

Dear Bruce,

I read your article on (The) 100 Day Challenge and I am planning on starting the challenge this week and was writing to ask if you had any advice and if you knew of a website with others participating in one so that I can have people to help motivate me to achieve my goals. I know I will succeed because I have already been successful on most of my New Year’s resolutions and made a lot of changes in my life this year but I want to step it up with my progress so I thought the 100 day challenge would be a great idea. Any ideas you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Joy,

Congrats on starting the 100 Day Challenge and glad you are reading The Hollywood Sentinel. My advice is the following; Break down your daily goals into categories, of areas in your life that you wish to work on such as: Financial, Career, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Fitness, Health, Social, Entertainment, and the like. Weekdays may have different goals than weekends. You can also build in two or three options for a goal per day, such as: Go to Gym OR run 1 mile outdoors. Or, Do 1 random acts of kindness for a stranger OR call relative. You get the idea. The other advice is don't have so many, or such big things that you don't get it done, and above all, keep with it. Sources of inspiration for motivation here often include: Zig Ziglar, Anthony ("Tony") Robbins, and Grant Cardone, among others.

All of the above sites also have groups you can join to get accountability to help achieve your goals. Let me know if this helps, and I wish you the best.

-Bruce Edwin

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