What an amazing past week it’s been in Los Angeles. First the Art Through Life RED PARTY, which will be covered in our next issue. Also in our next issue THIS WORLD: THE VALUES NETWORK PARTY, at the lovely mansion of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf C.E.O. SUNNY SASSOON, along with the beautiful and sweet RACHEL HUNTER, RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH (bestselling author of Kosher Sex), and a true gentleman, L.A. MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA. Beyond all of this of course, was, thanks to our friends at the Grammy’s some amazing Grammy parties.

There are only two words to describe the GRAMMY’S this year. JENNIFER HUDSON. Through the trial of tragedy, to the strength of spirit, and the victory of an amazing artistic expression, this soulful, passionate singer embodied this night of nights for music, the intensity and healing power that music and the instrument of the voice can have in any language throughout the world. Jennifer Hudson is one class act, and a phenomenal talent.

One of the best bands on the planet, U2 played, and a heavily U2 influenced COLDPLAY also performed and won for best song of the year, and best rock album. Miley Cyrus performed with the lovely looking and sounding TAYLOR SWIFT. Miley later pulled the trick of snatching ALLISON KRAUSS’ Grammy back after pretending to hand it to her, that Kraus got, along with a real legend, ROBERT PLANT, who performed a very stripped down cut Plant wrote, post Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page.

It seems that every generation must have its cheese teeny boppers. Legendary STEVIE WONDER performed with THE JONAS BROTHERS to prove just that. Even NEIL DIAMOND went on camera raving about them.

KATIE PERRY performed, I Kissed A Girl, after confessed former punk drummer CRAIG FERGUSON drooled over lesbians to announce her. Wild eyed ADELE who, like so many of those Golden Globe presenters this year, was busy chomping on some gum, won best new artist.

KID ROCK got religious for a minute with his song Amen which worked well, and the lovely KATE BECKINSALE presented her teenage fantasy, PAUL McCARTNEY, performing a Beatles song with the Foo Fighters, which reminds us how great the actual Beatles were, and Nirvana.

MORGAN FREEMAN walked out wearing one puffy black glove to announce, the very thin and beautiful GWYNETH PALTROW announced a solid performance by RADIOHEAD, ZOOEY DESCHANEL announced a nice performance by Plant and Krauss, SEAN COMBS, HERBIE HANCOCK, and a great looking NATALIE COLE walked out to give Pop Record of the year, to Robert Plant with Allison Krauss. GREEN DAY followed in closing and presenting to Plant and Krauss, who along with guitarist T BONE in some Blues Brothers stoner style shades, walked off again with the final award for the Record of the Year. CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA missed out on their performances of one of the most important nights in musical history due to some personal drama, and STEVIE WONDER closed the night performing - alone.

A great thanks to THE GRAMMY’S for their friendship, LIFE THROUGH ART, SUNNY and SHMULEY, THE MAYOR, and those special behind the scenes friends in publicity that helped make this week all happen. We give props out here further to the upcoming ACADEMY AWARDS with the sexy ANGELINA JOLIE and ANNE HATHAWAY, and the amazing PJ HARVEY, among more. We also welcome MOIRA CUE back with her great art coverage. Thanks most of all to you, our many new readers. We hope you enjoy the new issue.

Bruce Edwin
Editor, The Hollywood Sentinel ©

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