The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra is held in high regard by its season members, and for good reason. Noted among critics of the classical music world as one of, if not thee finest chamber orchestra in the world, The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, founded by classical world legend violinist and conductor SIR NEVILLE MARRINER, and currently headed by famed pianist and conductor JEFFREY KAHANE, proved this historic night, to be one of the most legendary moments in classical music, with these two maestros together on one stage.

Not forgetting for a moment we are in Hollywood, even downtown here at the magnificent, architectural beauty of Disney Hall, one of America’s finest actors took the stage to introduce the nights events here as master of ceremonies, Mr. JOHN LITHGOW.

A welcoming reception was provided by THE RECORDING ACADEMY’S distinguished president and CEO, NEIL PORTNOW, who undoubtedly is an expert of a multitudinous array of musical styles, and is leading the technological wave of digital recordings, helping to fight illegal downloads, and helping musicians affected by natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina with the Music Cares Foundation, which is holding another great party unto it.

Mr. Portman proceeded to give out awards to former Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra conductor Sir Neville Marriner, and The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra them selves, which current conductor Jeffrey Kahane accepted, holding up for all in the band to see.

The Orchestra played a beautiful movement of BEETHOVEN, Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major, Op 15, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane from piano, and closed with the lofty greatness of MOZART, The Marriage of Figaro Overture, conducted by the living legend, Sir Neville Marriner himself.

The Hollywood Sentinel® had the pleasure to talk with John Lithgow, Jeffrey Kahane, Neil Portnow, and Sir Neville Marriner after the performance. Jeffrey Kahane told THE HOLLYWOOD SENTINEL that his performances with The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra have been going very well, and that they are currently touring the country, which he told us is going great. Virtuoso Kahane seems to have a very kind soul, and is relaxed and inviting to speak with.

We later chatted with John Lithgow, who is a very refined gentleman, very cordial, and very tall. Esteemed actor John Lithgow has won 4 Emmy Awards, 2 Tony Awards, 2 SAG awards, and one Golden Globe. His legendary work as an entertainer spans music, film, television, radio, and voice over, becoming widely successful as a children’s book author and musician, a star on Third Rock From the Son, and was the first actor to have delivered a speech at Harvard, where he attended. Mr. Lithgow has had most notably had starring roles in films including The Twilight Zone, Kinsey, Terms of Endearment, and the World According to Garp among many more.

Recording Academy Neil Portnow has been said to have restored diplomacy and fairness back to the Recording Academy, over which he presides. His presence alone conveys business, and was very kind on both occasions we spoke. His fine leadership of the Grammy’s appears unquestionable, with the Grammy events themselves here being run more smoothly than I have seen most any other event.

This great night followed with a beautiful banquet of fine wines, cheeses, and food, for patrons of the classical world mingling with the legends above. A truly memorable event here hosted by music’s greatest organization, The Recording Academy.

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