Bride Wars.

Movie stars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway have now completed filming with Starpower Management clients Scott and Jason Gianatasio, the hot new comedy BRIDE WARS in New York City and Boston. Scott and Jason, otherwise known as the "Boston Boy Twins," who had the hard job of playing twin male strippers for the stunning stars, and experienced first hand how art can imitate life.

Daughter of Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn, who stripped bare in plenty of films, and raised by her and Goldie's boyfriend Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson was recently voted by 'People Magazine' as one of Hollywood's most beautiful stars, due to her natural beauty that is now in vogue. She came to fame in the film 'Almost Famous' by Cameron Crowe, in which did a topless scene.

Similarly voted as one of Hollywood's 50 most beautiful stars, Anne Hathaway likewise has had no problem with getting sexy on screen, doing a nude scene in the hit film 'Brokeback Mountain' among others. She came to fame in the children's movie 'The Princess Diaries,' yet shocked all as she out-did her self and her new co-stars sexual bravado, when she paraded down the red carpet in public, in a see-through top.

In the comedy Bride Wars, which stars both sexy stars, two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. Audience pre-views have been astoundingly great, hailing the film as one of the best comedies of the decade.

Starpower Management, headed by talent manager and producer Bruce Edwin, is known as having the sexiest models in Hollywood. When Mr. Edwin signed Boston Boy Twins Scott and Jason, he soon discovered they were regularly getting mistaken for Rob Lowe. They soon later got cast in 'Bride Wars.'

After Kate and Anne did their dance competition on stage in the film, reports 'The Hollywood Daily,' Jason had the task of carrying Anne Hathaway off stage with two other strippers, at which point Anne said, "Honey I know it sounds gross, but I need you to put your hand under my armpit when you carry me." Scott said he also couldn't help touching her butt, as he didn't want her to fall flat on it. "Nice art!" Anne later stated to Scott off screen, after looking at his tattoo with his shirt off. The model blushed.

In playing the two lead male strippers in 'Bride Wars,' Scott told 'The Hollywood Sentinel,' "Standing there with my shirt off, in boxer briefs, construction boots, and a bow tie, with about 100 beautiful girls sitting out in the crowd waiting to shoot the scene, I was a little nervous." But as the music started pounding, Kate Hudson, sitting at a table by the stage, started screaming out, all hot and heavy, "Work it, work it!" And Kate even stuffed a bill in his shorts, which he confesses, made him pleased. Kate kept demanding the D.J. turn up the music louder and louder during the scene so she could get into the dancing more, wiggling her body which, the twins added, was 'super hot.'

"After a few takes of crawling on the floor and the girls screaming and throwing money at me," Scott confesses, "I was more just in pain because my knees were bleeding from the floor burns!" Ah yes, it's hard to be a male stripper these days, especially working it for a couple of hot Hollywood starlets in an upcoming global blockbuster.

Kate Hudson, Ann Hathaway, and The Boston Boy Twins can be seen on screen now in the hit comedy 'Bride Wars,' at a theater near you.

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