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Voted among the top 10 best rock bands of all time by Subnormal Magazine, the fiercely original and groundbreaking Janes Addiction, emerged from the streets of Los Angeles in the mid eighties, to usher in one of the most exciting times in rock and roll history. Brilliantly merging the roots of rhythm and blues, and rock, with the wild, hard edged unpredictability of punk, yet the melodic, classical composition of metal, and a touch of glam, Perry Farrell brilliantly fused musical strata’s like few others of our time.

Although perhaps trivial to some, Janes Addiction was at the time of their emergence, one of the most important bands on the planet. Metal heads and Punks alike were united in their love for a band like no other before them. Janes Addiction was not only a rock band, but a group that helped changed social dichotomies of the music scene and subcultures around the world for the better.

But as Janes Addiction’s fixation grew so great, they wisely pulled back before becoming every thing they hated. They took the music world by storm, turned rock and roll on its head, and then left just as quickly. And then, just as the world thought the vision was gone, Perry Farrell’s genius emerged on an even larger scale, taking what the 60’s attempted with Woodstock, and took it, a massive festival with tons of bands, on the road and around the world. Lollapalooza was born, and it brought the underground rock scene to the masses with as much integrity as could be, in the face of a corporate sold youth culture. Countless promoters soon followed with their own similar festivals, after mustering the courage that was paved the way for by Mr. Farrell.

Perry Farrell and his wife were seated across from The Hollywood Sentinel last week to take in the hot Spring Rock Siren Fashion Show of Maggie Barry in Hollywood. Alexandra and the Band performed for the Rock Siren show.

On April 11th, Perry Farrell appears at The Mirage in Las Vegas for an all star performance with his friends, at 10pm, in celebration of his 50th birthday party. Attendees include Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, and Stephen Perkins (pictured above) of Janes Addiction, Martyn Lenoble and Peter Distefano of Porno For Pyros, Slash, Billy Idol, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, actress Juliette Lewis, and many more. For tickets, call 800-963-9634. Talent is subject to change.

On May 8th, two of the best bands on the planet, Janes Addiction and Nine Inch Nails kick off their world tour together in Florida. Get ready to rock.

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